how to sit on the loo to poo

How to sit on the loo to poo

How to sit on the loo to poo? Didn’t think you’d be reading about this today? Oh, the glamour of it all! Seriously though, straining to empty our bowels can overload and cause damage to our pelvic floor. Avoiding constipation through diet, a good fluid intake and exercise is important, but if you’re still having problems here are a few tips to minimise strain;

    1. Avoid delaying a bowel motion once you know you need to go.
    2. Give yourself time.
    3. Sit with knees higher than hips, leaning forwards with a straight spine and forearms resting on thighs
    4. Relax your tummy, let it bulge.
    5. Relax your jaw by saying ‘Ahhh’ or ‘Glug’ (honestly- its to do with connections between the soft palate and pelvic floor).
    6. Squeeze then relax the muscles around your back passage whilst gently pushing down through your forearms a few times.
    7. If nothing’s happening after a few attempts, don’t hang around.