Workshop reviews

“The hypopressive workshop was an excellent empowering experience that was delivered by Lara in a clear, enjoyable and professional way. This workshop will benefit all women of any age.”
“The most informative, professional and empowering course I have ever attended in relation to my general wellbeing. FANTASTIC.”
“An excellent workshop. I learned so much from it.”
“I would highly recommend this workshop. PW”

“The workshop was so informative. The technique is straightforward and empowering, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend attending.”

“Every woman, of whatever age, will learn really useful information and skills to help take care of our pelvic health. I wish I had learned more about how my body actually works years ago. But it’s never too late to tackle longstanding issues and I believe my learning will help with my continence in old age.”
“Hypopressive course is a revelation to provide exercise to abdominal and pelvic areas which ordinarily are very difficult to access. To learn added knowledge of how this region functions was a real bonus. Lara’s knowledge and presentations are impressive, i wasn’t anxious arriving at the course and left feeling very relaxed and satisfied.” Carole

“It was good to be in a small group to ensure I was doing the breathing technique properly and everyone had the chance to participate in the discussions.”

“I’d highly recommend all women take this Hypopressives Workshop with Lara. Not only did we learn fascinating and useful facts about how pelvic floor health affects so much else, we each came away with practical techniques we could begin to employ straightaway, to address various issues in our daily lives.”

“I recently attended a hypopressives workshop run by Lara. Amazing! I learned so much and the whole event was so informative was packed with practical ways to help all kinds of physical issues. The information was delivered in a really clear way which made very complex biological systems easy to understand. Lara is a great communicator. Totally recommend.”

“Lara clearly knows a great deal about women’s health, and her enjoyment of the subject and enthusiasm in helping others was obvious throughout the workshop. Her simple explanations allowed everyone to properly understand how the female body works, and to appreciate the huge benefits to be gained from doing hypoppressive breathing.”

“Lara’s style of professionalism combined with her fun and positive approach to solving women’s health issues, made this a really enjoyable day and everyone felt relaxed and involved in our open discussions of intimate problems.”

“This workshop is invaluable to all women. It was fascinating to find out how my pelvic floor actually functions, and the different ways to help the range of issues many women face due to pelvic dysfunction. The hypopressive breath work was introduced in a clear and manageable set of stages, and as a group we were able to accomplish several simple sets by the end of the workshop, which gave immediate benefits in terms of energy levels and feeling more relaxed. I was also amazed to find that my aches and pains from the previous day’s sport activities had melted away after the workshop! Hypoppressive breathing is a clever and far-reaching technique and I’m very pleased to have had the opportunity to learn this.”

Hypopressives reviews

“I used to get a dragging feeling and small bladder leaks towards the end of long runs. I considered giving up running, but after 6 sessions of Hypopressives I’m feeling stronger and my symptoms have mostly gone. I’m looking forward to continued improvement.”

Laura Ynys Mon

I completed 6 sessions of Hypopressives with Lara and I’m already seeing great results in my posture and core strength. Lara really listened to what I wanted to achieve from learning this technique, was caring and understanding and was really supportive by tailoring the sessions to best support me in achieving my goals. She is incredibly knowledgeable and intuitive and knew exactly how to help me get the results I wanted. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Lara or Hypopressives and I’m really pleased to see the progress I’ve made.”

Emma Ynys Mon

In the past I’ve been lazy about core training, I knew I should be doing it, but I’d rather spend the time doing my sports. Lara suggested I did Hypopressives as part of my rehab and conditioning work after a windsurfing injury. I’ve found my actual core muscles for the first time ever, which feels very different to the abs strength I thought was my core. I feel more capacity to push hard in cardio training and my iPhone tells me that my cardiovascular fitness, VO2 Max, has dramatically improved to ‘well above average’. Thankfully, maintaining the benefit is quick and easy to do when I feel like it.”

Tim (Lara’s other half)😁
British wave sailing Association Masters Champion 2021
5th overall in the ‘Pro fleet’ for 2022

Physiotherapy reviews

“Having had surgery on my back a number of years ago, I am used to stretching to keep it feeling good. However, I consulted Lara as I developed quite severe discomfort which I couldn’t address with my usual exercises.
Lara was absolutely fantastic. After a thorough examination, she was able to diagnose what was wrong and suggest ways to alleviate this.
Her explanation of the mechanics of my issue were very clear and straightforward. She gave very clear instructions on exercises that would alleviate my discomfort, what to anticipate during this process and clear expected timescales for improvement.
I can’t recommend Lara highly enough. She has expert knowledge, communicates and explains clearly, and is extremely approachable.
I am now completely recovered and know how to manageknow how to manage my back to prevent future flareups. I have returned to cycling walking and swimming without any discomfort.”

Caroline, Anglesey

“I have a plan to sort my knees. This makes me happy. I have not obtained this elsewhere. Also no stupid comments about my Q-angle!”

Chris Clark

“Very professional and gave a clear explanation of what my knee problem was. Also gave easy to follow & carry out exercises to reduce & improve my knee joints.”

P N Clare

“Lara has an amazing depth of knowledge and skills. She goes the extra mile to understand and explain the issues and to provide effective exercises that aid rapid progress. After each treatment with Lara, I have experienced significant improvement in my physical conditions (neck, shoulders and back) and also I have benefitted from feeling more positive about what is possible for me to achieve within the range of sports that I enjoy.” 

Janine Guest

Lara’s knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm shine through. She is approachable, professional and relaxed  and immediately put me at ease. She took time to explain the cause and mechanics behind my foot pain and most importantly for me, what I could do to manage the condition. After following Lara’s advice,  the pain I was experiencing improved quickly and I was soon walking, cycling and swimming comfortably again.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lara and would definitely return to her with any future problems.”
Caroline, Ynys Mon

Following an unexpected (probably age related) knee issue, an initial visit to other healthcare advisors gave me a dire prognosis hinting at possible surgery. Lara was able with her expertise to get me back on my feet within weeks, to eventually make a remarkable recovery from what had initially been quite a debilitating condition. I was amazed that I was able to make such progress with non-invasive treatment and I’m thoroughly glad that I did so. I can highly recommend Lara for her knowledge and her enthusiasm.”

Phil Ynys Mon

Windsurfer & Mountain biking enthusiast


Got seriously stuck with my shoulder injury rehab a couple of times. On each occasion a short session with Lara did the trick. Quickly diagnosed the problem, got things moving again then gave me some nifty exercises to keep it all going. Now I’m fixed. An excellent, trustworthy service. Definitely recommended.”

Keen cyclist Ynys Mon

“I went to Lara with a long-term stiffness and pain in my right wrist which was both affecting and exacerbated by my work, which is physical and my cycling and yoga. I received great treatment from Lara. She was very friendly thorough and extremely professional. After a thorough examination she pinpointed the source of the issue, in one of the joints of my thumb, which had had a chain reaction of compensations in my wrist and other joints all the way up my arm. She prescribed targeted mobility exercises and massage which I have been doing since and found very effective in increasing the mobility in my wrist and vastly reducing the pain I experienced. Great communication after the session, regarding my progress and any follow-up that might be needed. I would recommend Lara unreservedly.”

Marie Ynys Mon

“Rushing to go out, I bent over to tie my shoelaces and pulled a muscle in my back. I could not move without excruciating pain. I had met this scenario many times and looked forward to days of inactivity with piercing pain at every attempted movement. Luckily Lara was on hand to help. I was put though a set of stretch movements, gradually increasing, after which I was able to stand up. I was advised to repeat the cycle of stretches infront of a mirror every hour. I could still feel something there but was effectively pain free. The next day I needed to do the stretches just once. I was able to go out in a normal way and the injury was cured.”


“At the start of January 2022, I damaged my left knee badly and was in real pain with mobility problems for months. Me being me, I strapped up my knee, borrowed a walking stick and carried on. I did see a doctor to establish that I had not actually dislocated it. of course, as time went onI realised that I had lost so much flexibility in that knee but also now my right knee was beginning to be sores it had been compensating. I couldn’t bend my leg past a certain angle and if I did the pain was so intense I thought I would be sick. Lara was recommended to me by a couple of friends so I took the plunge and went to see her. I am so glad I did. by this time it was March 2023 and I knew something had to be done. Lara’s consulting room is clean, light and welcoming. I was taken through an extensive questionnaire before Lara examined my knees. I was worried that I might be put through movements which would really hurt me, but as Lara took me through the exercises I was able able to stop when I felt uncomfortable. I began to realise that I was fearing the pain rather than experiencing pain and this enabled me to move a little further each time. I was shown how to massage my knees both before and after completing the exercises. Lara was encouraging without being bossy or intimidating. her gentle approach encouraged me to be honest about my actual experience of pain and to be persuaded to try and bend my knee a little more. my knee is definitely improving and I am continuing with the exercises. Lara’s expertise, experience and professionalism is apparent in her approach and I can thoroughly recommend her services.”

Julie Ynys Mon

“I consulted Lara with a problem of ongoing knee pain. I immediately felt at ease with her kind, compassionate, but professional manner during a very thorough assessment by talking about the problem and an examination. On reaching a diagnosis, Lara explained this to me, in terms that were easy to understand and reasons why the corrective measures she was going to advise worked. She described and explained exercises and a patellar release procedure also to do at home. Lara continued on to tape my knee in order to activate the medial thigh muscles to support the patella during the exercise that exacerbated the problem. After resuming some training,  I was astounded with the outcome, of complete easing of pain and recovery to full function of knee, such that I was able to train for the last few weeks and run as planned in the Sprint triathlon without pain or restrictions. Lara followed this appointment up to reassess, monitor change and also to give a therapeutic remedial massage – this was also excellent.”              

Toeni Ynys Mon (very veteran Triathlete!)

Massage reviews

“I cannot recommend this Physiotherapy Practice more highly. Everything at MyCorePhysio is based around the client’s needs. The Treatment room is sensitivity decorated with facilities off the room. The Physiotherapist is very knowledgeable and thorough in her questions etc. My physio led back massage was wonderful, finding and releasing all the tight areas on my back. Although I live some distance away, I have recommended MyCorePhysio to friends.”


“I can’t tell you the relief, it’s like having a weight lifted. Thank you”

Jean Ynys Mon

“After a lovely relaxing back massage I realised that Lara was a real expert, as she brought her skills as a physiotherapist to tackle some longstanding niggles. I’m consulting Lara about some things that I’ve just been ‘living with’ as they seem bit minor to bother the GP about but I want to develop a self-care plan for my later life.”

Kay Ynys Mon

“I had not had a massage for over 20 years and was wondering what it entailed. It turned out to be a very relaxing and totally enjoyable experienceI felt rejuvenated when it was finished and totally relaxed and since having my massage my night cramps have gone. I will certainly ask her for another massage. Lara is a delightful person with a lovely chair side manner and able to chat with ease making the whole massage and occasion most enjoyable.”

Janet Gwynedd