Workshops and Retreats

MyCorePhysio Workshops and retreats have been developed to bring together the little gems of information that over the years my clients have told me have been most useful or “life changing”, alongside an introduction to the foundations of Hypopressive exercise for the pelvic floor and core muscles.

In addition to planned sessions shown below, I am very happy to bring workshops or talks to your group or organisation. Please do get in touch if you’d like to discuss something like this.

Anglesey Workshops

Trigonos Workshops & Weekend Retreats

Info and booking via Trigonos website.

Day workshops and weekend retreats at Trigonos in the breathtaking Nantlle Valley (see dates below). 


Friday 9th – Sunday 11th Aug

Weekend Residential Retreat

“Hypopressives Foundations: Womens’ Health Workshop”.


14th Sept

Day Workshop 10am-4pm

“Intro to Hypopresssives: Womens’ Health Workshop”.

Friday 20th – Sunday 22nd Sept

Weekend Residential Retreat

“Hypopressives Foundations: Womens’ Health”

& Autumn Solstice Star-Gazing” lead by Eryri Dark Skies Officer, Dani Robertson.

Workshop Reviews

“If only I had known more of this earlier but really enthused as to how much I can implement to help myself.” Rosslynne
“Excellent workshop. Every woman should know about this – and men too!” AD
“Fascinating! Lara is a fountain of knowledge. I’ve learnt so much in just one day.” Gemma
“Highly recommend for women with bladder problems. Thank you.”
“An extremely informative and interesting day learning a lot about the pelvic floor and the importance of looking after it and an introduction to hypopressive breathing. Lara was very knowledgeable and took time to explain everything very well. I would definitely recommend attending one of Lara’s study days”. Jane
“The hypopressive workshop was an excellent empowering experience that was delivered by Lara in a clear, enjoyable and professional way. This workshop will benefit all women of any age.”
“The most informative, professional and empowering course I have ever attended in relation to my general wellbeing. FANTASTIC”
“The workshop was so informative. The technique is straightforward and empowering, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend attending.”

“It was good to be in a small group to ensure I was doing the breathing technique properly and everyone had the chance to participate in the discussions.

“An excellent workshop. I learned so much from it.”
“Every woman, of whatever age, will learn really useful information and skills to help take care of our pelvic health. I wish I had learned more about how my body actually works years ago. But it’s never too late to tackle longstanding issues and I believe my learning will help with my continence in old age.”
“Hypopressive course is a revelation to provide exercise to abdominal and pelvic areas which ordinarily are very difficult to access. To learn added knowledge of how this region functions was a real bonus. Lara’s knowledge and presentations are impressive, i wasn’t anxious arriving at the course and left feeling very relaxed and satisfied.” Carole
“I would highly recommend this workshop.” PW

“I’d highly recommend all women take this Hypopressives Workshop with Lara. Not only did we learn fascinating and useful facts about how pelvic floor health affects so much else, we each came away with practical techniques we could begin to employ straightaway, to address various issues in our daily lives.”

“I recently attended a hypopressives workshop run by Lara. Amazing! I learned so much and the whole event was so informative was packed with practical ways to help all kinds of physical issues. The information was delivered in a really clear way which made very complex biological systems easy to understand. Lara is a great communicator. Totally recommend.”

“Lara clearly knows a great deal about women’s health, and her enjoyment of the subject and enthusiasm in helping others was obvious throughout the workshop. Her simple explanations allowed everyone to properly understand how the female body works, and to appreciate the huge benefits to be gained from doing hypoppressive breathing.”

“Lara’s style of professionalism combined with her fun and positive approach to solving women’s health issues, made this a really enjoyable day and everyone felt relaxed and involved in our open discussions of intimate problems.”

“This workshop is invaluable to all women. It was fascinating to find out how my pelvic floor actually functions, and the different ways to help the range of issues many women face due to pelvic dysfunction. The hypopressive breath work was introduced in a clear and manageable set of stages, and as a group we were able to accomplish several simple sets by the end of the workshop, which gave immediate benefits in terms of energy levels and feeling more relaxed. I was also amazed to find that my aches and pains from the previous day’s sport activities had melted away after the workshop! Hypoppressive breathing is a clever and far-reaching technique and I’m very pleased to have had the opportunity to learn this.”

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