Weekend Retreat: Hypopressives Foundations: Womens’ Health Workshop

For women who want a holistic approach to feeling emotionally balanced, physically strong and in control of their feminine health, without killer core workouts or monotonous pelvic floor squeezes.

Is it for you?

      Know you should be doing something for your feminine health – but feeling uncertain?

      Want to strengthen your pelvic floor – but uninspired, or let down by traditional pelvic floor exercises?

      Desire a toned tummy and strong core to help back or pelvic pain – but punishing planks not for you?

      Feeling stressed – but struggle to settle down for meditation?

Hypopressives are a holistic approach helping to address all of these problems (& more) and take just minutes to do!

Join me to learn Hypopressives Exercise, breathwork and a level 1 posture flow.

Based on a combination of breath-work, postural holds and mindful movement, Hypopressives are an achievable way to balance and strengthen the muscles in your pelvic floor, tummy and spine without strain. By activating the vagus nerve, Hypopressives will also help you feel emotionally rebalanced, more resilient and in control.

Before you tell your-self you won’t be able to do this, be reassured that anyone of any age, size, shape or fitness level can enjoy and benefit from this revolutionary method.

Alongside Hypopressive practice, I will guide you to a deeper understanding of how your body works, and discuss practical lifestyle tips and management strategies for common feminine health complaints.

What are the benefits of Hypopressives?

People who practice Hypopressives enjoy numerous benefits, Hypopressives can help;

       Boost emotional and physical health

       Reconnect, protect and strengthen the core and pelvic floor muscles

       Improve posture, tummy tone and sexual satisfaction

       Prevent and relieve pelvic health problems such as incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, back and pelvic pain

       Better breathing

       Gain flexibility and prevent injuries

       Alleviate stress and anxiety

       Quality sleep

Are there any limitations to who can do the workshop?

Hypopressives can be enjoyed by anyone, although the vacuum element of Hypopressive breathwork is not advised whilst you are pregnant or have;

  • an active cancer
  • cardio-respiratory disease
  • uncontrolled blood pressure
  • acute inflammatory gut disorder such as Crohn’s Disease
  • had recent abdominal surgery or hernia

If you are affected by any of the above, you will still be able to practice and gain benefit from the other elements of Hypopressive exercise.

If in doubt, you must seek advice from your healthcare provider/GP before booking a place, I will not be able to make judgement on your fitness to participate on the day.

What to Expect from the Weekend

Workshop groups are kept small, so I am able to offer each individual ample attention and feedback during practical sessions.

Over the course of the weekend you will;

  •       Learn about the pelvic floor muscles, what they do and how they work as part of the core system.
  •       Be introduced to the Hypopressive method.
  •       Learn and practice Hypopressive breath-work skills.
  •       Learn a full level 1 standing flow of static postures.
  •       Receive a handout of the exercises you have learned so you can continue practice at home.

Hypopressive practice will be interspersed with relaxed, and informal discussion. Following no set format, discussions are led by me, and are adapted according to the needs of the group, but can include;

  •       Advice around how to support your intimate health.
  •       Dietary and lifestyle tips for prevention and relief of common problems such as incontinence and prolapse.
  •       Opportunity to ask questions in a safe, supportive environment.

If you don’t feel comfortable taking part in discussions that’s fine, you can simply sit back and take things in. There is no pressure to speak up.

Around the workshop schedule there will be opportunities for free time to relax in the grounds, by the fire in the library, or if. you’re feeling adventurous, a lake dip. In this time there will also be optional activities, such as guided walks, and star-gazing.

What you will need:

Comfortable clothing for practical sessions, layers are ideal.

An exercise mat or blanket.

You may also wish to bring a bottle of water and a pen to make notes.

Remember to pack clothing for outdoor activities, keeping in mind the changeable mountain weather.

Workshop facilitator

I am a Physiotherapist with more than 25 years’ experience, specialising in Women’s Health since 2012, and was the first Women’s Health Physio to qualify as a Hypopressives Instructor in the UK, under the tutelage of UK Hypopressives in 2016. Since this I have successfully used the method to manage my own feminine health concerns as well as using Hypopressives to help many other women achieve health confidence.

Location (Map below)

This event will be taking place at Trigonos in the breath-taking Nantlle Valley.